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My passion is to hold the space for others so that they may find and free their authentic voices, speak their truth clearly and take their place in the world. I train and coach business leaders and teams around the globe to embody and express authentic leadership presence with clarity, conviction and compassion.


My belief, underpinned by science, is that with small adjustments and the willingness to do the work, we all have the capacity for clear and powerful presence, even when it seems hidden under years of habit. I believe embodied and powerful presence to be our birth right and never more important to our humanity than now, as we enter the age of AI.

Mark Downey

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Mark Downey

PRA, Patsy Rodenburg Associate, Speech and Presence Expert

Voice Coach, Ireland

My approach is immediately practical and carefully rigorous in addressing specific real-world communication challenges such as presentations, meetings, interviews and leadership impact, on camera or face to face. My coaching style has been described as compassionate and encouraging, challenging and fair, enlightening and fun. All of my work is bespoke to each client’s needs, in group training or private coaching, online and in life for native and non-native English speakers.

My background ranges from studies in psychology, literature and theatre to on-camera performance, certifications in physical expression with Jacques Lecoq and multi voice, speech and presence certifications, most recently from Patsy Rodenburg.I studied speechwriting and storytelling under such masters as Simon Lancaster and continue to deepen my knowledge in the neuroscience of presence, communication and culture with Prof. Iain McGilchrist’s work.

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