“How you enter a room, greet people, listen with interest but also get across your point of view or expertise is how engagement and trust are built, not just in business, but also in life.

My initial take away from Mark’s first session was to focus myself on preparing my presence both mentally and physically to the circumstance I am about to enter, be that a one-on-one meeting or addressing a large group.

Mark’s method of instilling self-confidence in your presence leads perfectly into the detail and tiny nuances he then imparts in the art of communication which are what get you, and your subject matter, remembered.

It’s not always a conventional learning journey with Mark but it’s got real purpose and that’s part of his engagement process! If you put the effort and attention in to the course work it all becomes a matter of routine in a short period.Noticeable results across different levels within all the Solvar team who worked with Mark.”

Geoff O'Donoghue, CEO at Solvar Limited
“Having set up my own practice, i felt being capable of speaking in public with confidence was an important attribute for me to develop.

I set about finding a suitable teacher to gain the required skill. Mark Downey was recommended to me by another speech coach. We had several sessions which were truly enlightening. I found them challenging and rewarding. I hadn’t thought I’d needed so much work, so many unintentional bad habits to overcome. Mark also made me focus on my intention, in any speech or delivery of information, think about the core focus of the message you’re trying to get across; not to focus so much on the actual words but the message you want to portray. For me this was very important, especially if you have prepared something to deliver, it’s very easy to get caught up in the content but it’s the delivery and the feeling of the information you give that is important. Mark gave me a skill set which can work in any communication situation. I really think every one should engage in some public speaking coaching, whether you are actually going to make speeches or not. It’s empowering to know you are able to speak in public if ever put on the spot. In business or socially, it’s a skill everyone needs.”

“Mark helped me with my own presentation style as well as working with many of our speakers. His insights and guidance have both an instant and longterm impact. 

For me, I am more not a natural public speaker but found my voice and presence to a point where I enjoyed my presentations and felt I made a real impact.  The speakers who work with Mark are already seasoned speakers but all said the work with Mark was invaluable and that most of all Mark helped them to feel a better connection with their audiences.”

Frances Keane, CEO & Founder, Personally Speaking Ltd
“Let me start by saying that despite frequently being taken out with my comfort zone during the coaching sessions I thoroughly enjoyed them and indeed, working with Mark in general.

There is no doubt that the very basic changes Mark helped me self-identify regarding posture, breathing, range and pitch of the voice as well as an emphasis on clearer articulation have supported me become a more effective, thoughtful, impactful and energetic communicator. I have found this not only benefit my public speaking when engaged with large audiences but also in day to day interactions with my team and my peers. I find it enormously satisfying to rarely be asked to repeat myself which before the coaching was an all too frequent request.”

John Munro, Station Director, EDF Heysham 2 Power Station
“Mark introduced me to some very interesting and practical concepts and techniques which had an immediate impact on my public talks. I would highly recommend his professional, friendly and effective coaching to anyone who communicates for a living.”
“Working with Mark Downey was such an eye opener to a completely different and much more powerful approach to think about your presence, voice and speech. Regardless if presenting to a group large or small and even to and individual. It is the start of a very exciting journey.”
Dag Detter, Managing Partner, Detter & Co

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