What is Speech & Presence?

The Starting Point is You

Changing your speech and presence can have a profound impact on how you relate and are perceived in business, social settings and in your personal life.

Subtle changes in how you breathe, your posture and your focus have a profound impact on how you communicate and your relationship to your audience.

Transforming and evolving self-consciousness into self-confidence is deeply personal, even in group training, and involves identifying detrimental habits that keep us locked in our comfort zones, diminishing our impact and closing us off from effective and inspiring communication.

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Science Based Training

Mark’s work remodels individual behaviours to release the purest version of yourself allowing you to be open, clear, vulnerable and responsive in the moment of the experience with comfort and ease, which allows your audience to stay engaged and interested in you and what you have to say.

Using recent advances in neuroscience, Mark understands how your habitual posture and speech influences your biochemistry changing how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived.

The Art of Communication

Human communication is an ancient art and is deeply embedded in our DNA. Some believe that our ability to communicate is fundamental to what makes us human.

We all know a great speaker is more than the sum of their parts. The art of communication flourishes with personal appeal, grace and magnetism or what some call charisma.

Too many people think charisma is a rare quality and cannot be taught but enhancing and expanding your personal appeal is Mark’s specialty.

Finding and releasing your eloquence, humour and passion is fundamental to Mark’s work making his training more than technical. Using dynamic exercises from theatre and performance training, Mark taps into your artistry and creativity to grab an audience’s attention and to keep them curious, entertained and inspired.

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“How you enter a room, greet people, listen with interest but also get across your point of view or expertise is how engagement and trust are built, not just in business, but also in life.
My initial take away from Mark’s first session was to focus myself on preparing my presence both mentally and physically to the circumstance I am about to enter, be that a one-on-one meeting or addressing a large group.
Mark’s method of instilling self-confidence in your presence leads perfectly into the detail and tiny nuances he then imparts in the art of communication which are what get you, and your subject matter, remembered.
It’s not always a conventional learning journey with Mark but it’s got real purpose and that’s part of his engagement process! If you put the effort and attention in to the course work it all becomes a matter of routine in a short period.Noticeable results across different levels within all the Solvar team who worked with Mark.”
Geoff O'Donoghue, CEO at Solvar Limited