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Etymology: Greek | kharisma, the gift of grace
Definition: The gift of leadership or power of authority, strong personal appeal or magnetism

A leader who possesses these traits is often referred to as being gifted with “Charisma”. Popular belief holds that this ‘gift’ is bestowed exclusively upon the members of “I just have it” club who were probably born with or into it. If this is the case, then the rest of us “have nots” must simply put our noses to the grindstone and hope for the best when we are asked to step up to be seen , to speak or to lead.

The truth is that when you are captivated, mesmerized, moved or inspired by a powerful presence or speech, nine times out of ten, that person has trained extensively to acquire those skills and practiced diligently to own them with grace.

Speech and Presence training is for everyone, regardless of their level of education, ability, experience or ambition. Whether you are someone who is uncomfortable with being seen and heard or you are already well on the road to becoming a leader of world class speaking quality, I can take you to the next level.

Click here to see what clients have said about their experience of working with Mark and the resulting professional and personal transformation.

Sessions are tailored to suit your needs



We custom design training programs to serve you or your company’s requirements. Among the modules currently available in our training program are:

The Free Voice: Maximize the power and colour of your authentic voice effortlessly

Confident Speaking: Speak with clarity and focused fluency so that your words inspire and prevail

No More Nervousness: Transform nerves into focused energy, even when it all goes wrong

Powerful Personal Presence: Step into your true, graceful, presence and assume your power

Connect & Communicate:  Create a two way emotional connection every time you communicate

Confident Body Language: Suit the action to the word, naturally with clear non-verbal communication

Memorable Presentations: Move, inspire and make it memorable every time you make a presentation

Writing for Speaking:  We do not speak as we write which takes the natural flow out of our delivery

Meeting Impact: Confidently contribute and listen with connected presence to make an impact

Balanced Negotiation:  Hold your ground confidently without being inflexible, know where you stand

Conflict Resolution:  To mediate you must lead with powerful presence, compassion and clarity

On Camera Charisma:  Learn the skills necessary for optimal on-camera communication

Radio and  Webcasts: When all you have is your voice and a mic, make your delivery compelling

Media Interviews: How to manage interviews, know what to expect and prepare for the unexpected

Positive Technology: Use technology (mics, slides, video) in presentations to best serve your message

Speech and Presence Impact

Transformation begins now


About Mark

Mark Downey B.A. one of a small group of teachers to have been personally selected by world leading Voice, Speech and Presence coach Patsy Rodenburg to be one of her inaugural Rodenburg Registered Teachers. He was also certified as a voice coach by legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs. His knowledge of body language comes from full time studies in Paris under the master of the body in movement, Jacques Lecoq.

Mark’s passion is to unlock each of his clients’ potential to become the most effective and powerful communicators they can be. He believes that this is the birth right of each and every person regardless of education, gender or ethnicity.

Among the cutting-edge techniques he uses in his training is Patsy Rodenburg’s Second Circle™. His current area of interest is in the pioneering research  exploring the links between the art of communication and neuroscience.

Recently returned to Europe after a decade in North America, Mark is now based in Ireland. He also works with Hemsley Fraser in the UK and with clients all over the globe in person and via Skype.

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast of Mark Downey on LMFM with Gerry Kelly.

Our Clients


What clients say about working with Mark Downey

I’m very fortunate to have been working with a fantastic voice and presence coach Mark Downey since September through my TV, radio interviews with the CBC, Canadian Business, etc. and at various live and broadcasted speaking engagements. If you are interested in elevating your charisma and leadership skills, voice is a huge part of it and I’d love for you to join me and other Vancouver’s top business leaders in his exclusive workshops
Alice Chen, CEO, Export Ventures Group Inc.
I have practiced as a criminal lawyer and currently serve as an elected representative of my First Nations community.  I decided to start vocal lessons with Mark Downey, because I wanted more from my voice when I speak in public. Lessons with Mark have been fun and the best thing I have ever done to assist me with my public speaking. Mark has helped me realize my true potential and range with my voice. He has taught me to live and speak in the present, and to own every moment.
Aaron Sam, Lawyer at Fulton & Company, Chief of the Lower Nicola Indian Band, The Nlaka’pamux Nation
Mark Downey was referred to me by a colleague as I was mentioning I would like to continue to develop my public speaking skills. When I met him he was humble and unassuming which given the level of his teaching skills made me feel at ease right away. He helped me better understand the vital link between my breath, body stance and staying present so I can engage in second circle and more effectively communicate both at work and in my personal life. He communicates with precision and clarity and from this my active listening skills have gotten stronger and I’m learning to connect to my own voice. In a few sessions Mark coached me from wanting to hide behind the podium to walking around the stage in a confident and authentic manner in front of an audience of 400. Most importantly Mark is really easy to work with and I look forward to each session and I leave feeling like I accomplished a lot and had fun at the same time. 
Christina Howton, Director Business Development, PwC Private Company Services
Mark becomes the right coach for you as he is adept at assessing what one’s needs are (which may be different than you think they are!) As an intuitive person, Mark is able to uncover personal goals that are often second or even lost when one’s professional goals more often that not instigate a search for such a coaching program. Because of his empathy and strong ability to connect, Mark is able to design a unique training program for you to meet your objectives and at the same time is very appealing and nourishing to one’s self. My work with Mark has afforded me a greater understanding of my physical self and with that comes the ability to use my presence to convey strong and committed messages that draw my audience to my message, and ultimately to me. I have learned many tools that I use on a daily basis. I love the textured and dramatic words that still cross my lips in anticipation of a presentation or important conversation/ telephone call. The ability to always present in a clear, confident and compelling manner is always at my fingertips even when caught off guard for a comment or speaking opportunity as I have an ability to activate new skills and coach myself in ways to deliver powerful communication. I owe a great deal of thanks to Mark for helping me improve the quality of my presentations – I consistently receive feed-back on how much people enjoy my passionate and engaging events/ seminars.
Karen Laprade, Lead - Family Enterprise Advisor
I have been working with Mark Downey for several months and he is truly a master in his field. He has taught me how to be connected to my body and breath so that I can be present with my audience in order to truly connect, engage and inspire them. He has given me tools and strategies to build my confidence as a speaker and develop focus and clarity with my message. With his guidance I have been able to step into and own my power as a speaker in order to stand out and be seen and heard. I feel blessed to have found him
Michela Quilici, Marketing Strategist and Business Advisor, Q. Consulting


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